Charismatic music game for smartphone

Are you ready for the challenge “almost insurmountable” in the world of Geometry Dash yet? Game with extreme difficulty, but ensure you will have to restart the game to continue when defeat!

Geometry Dash, if a fair comment, then this is the game easy cause you frustration, but in a positive way. As this category is fast-paced platform game, so every time death will make you scream in frustration, but make sure you continue to try to restart the challenge to overcome for it. Just acumen and skill click screen plus a little good luck, you will master the game’s characters minh. Geometry Dash controls are extremely simple but they are quite sensitive. You start the game with a block of the square is the main character, it will be moved automatically forward and one each time you press on the screen, you will make it jump.


So you’ll need to watch the time, the exact time to make the jump to avoid obstacles like spikes, saws, … At some point in each challenge, you’ll go through a circular port to lead into another world. Then your character square will be replaced with the name of the rocket. To make the rocket fly higher, you will need to tap the screen repeatedly.
Of course you also have to control the rocket to avoid obstacles like when control so square blocks. One of the greatest points of Geometry Dash is the soundtrack. This is a game based on the music, so you will definitely need a good set of headphones to fully enjoy and immerse yourself in this exciting world. Each level in Geometry Dash has a separate songs and games for your support also functions Download Soundtrack, if you really love it. Music in the game is a pretty important part, you can rely on the soundtrack to judgment time when press the screen to jump or when characters do not.

About Geometry Dash graphics, gorgeous to spend two words to describe the image for this 2D game genre. You will definitely not be disappointed when enjoying the visual effects after playing Geometry Dash.
The animation in the game is quite cute, objects moving pretty smooth, add to the charm that makes you hard to disable this Game application. Also, Geometry Dash also allows players to have the ability to customize their favorite color or change the face of their character to make them look more fun.

Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

Just a few easy steps and you are enjoying full version of the game for tablet or phone!

Thank you for playing Geometry Dash!

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